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B.C. Interior's first indoor high-performance go-kart track set to open in Kelowna

B.C. Interior's first indoor high-performance go-kart track set to open in Kelowna

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If you have a need for speed and thrills, Scott Hargrove has the place for you.

Hargrove, a professional race car driver, is set to open the first indoor, high-performance go-kart track outside the Lower Mainland.

Kelowna Karting Entertainment Centre will take over part of the former Campion Marine building on Campion Street later this spring featuring high-performance, European-made electric go-karts.

"I have been involved in motor sports my whole life and I grew up racing go karts in Chilliwack," said Hargrove who is the winningest driver in IMSA Porsche GT3 Challenge Cup history in Canada.

Since 2016, Hargrove has been involved in coaching at Area 27 in Osoyoos which he says began a love affair with the Okanagan.

"I spent all my summers in the Okanagan and my friends who ask what are we going to do on the weekend or after work, we want more activities.

"Tying it all together with my motor sports background and my love for racing I figured I would start an indoor go-kart track here in Kelowna because there is none.

"The only other real option for rental go-karting is at Area 27 but of course they are seasonal because they're outdoors."

Speeds up to 60km/h

These go-karts will have the capability to reach speeds of about 60km/h depending on the final track layout.

The track itself will be about 300 metres with a number of turns and three long straightaways.

"My requirements for doing this was to make sure the track was big enough so someone with a lot of experience will have fun and make sure the karts go fast enough that it's fun for everyone," said Hargrove.

"The experience we are trying to bring is a high performance experience where we have league racing, tournaments, cater to corporate functions, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

"It's more than just driving laps."

Trackers included within each kart will allow each vehicle to be monitored at all times. Hargrove says if there is an incident on the track in front of you, the technology will automatically slow your kart down as you approach the incident.

Being electric, there will be less noise and indoor pollution.

Hargrove says the venture is by far "the biggest leap of faith I have ever made."

He hopes to open to the public later this spring.

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